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User Profile API

API Description

This document describes additional risk parameters that can be used for risk scoring and risk assessment in order to prevent fraudulent payments. These parameters are supported by Digital Goods API, Brick API, Virtual Currency API, Cart API. The risk parameters can be passed along with standard API parameters for Paymentwall to account for the relevant merchant data when calculating the risk score and during risk review by Paymentwall's risk agents.

Request Parameters

parameter description
email email of the user
history[registration_date] unix timestamp of the registration date
parameter description
customer[birthday] unix timestamp of user's birthday, seconds since Jan 01 1970
customer[sex] male or female
customer[username] username on the website, if applicable and different from uid parameter
customer[firstname] given name of the user
customer[lastname] family name of the user
customer[city] city name
customer[state] state/province name
customer[address] address
customer[country] country code, ISO Alpha-2, e.g. DE
customer[zip] ZIP/postal code
history[membership] type of membership or loyalty program status at the time right before the payment is being made, if applicable. E.g.: no, gold, silver. Alternatively, in-game level can be passed in format 15/100 (15 out of 100).
history[membership_date] unix timestamp of last membership update
history[registration_country] iso alpha-2 code of the country used for the registration (e.g. US)
history[registration_ip] IP address used for the registration
history[registration_email] email address used for the registration
history[registration_email_verified] 1 or 0
history[registration_name] first name(s) used for the registration
history[registration_lastname] last name(s) used for the registration
history[registration_source] identifier of the source where the registration is coming from; use cases: affiliate, referrer, website banner; example: history[registration_source]=affiliate_4312
history[logins_number] # of logins since registration_date
history[payments_number] # of successful payments made
history[payments_amount] cumulative payments by the user converted into USD
history[followers] # of followers, subscribers, friends and etc.
history[messages_sent] # of messages sent to other users
history[messages_sent_last_24hours] # of messages sent to other users in the last 24 hours
history[messages_received] # of messages received from other users
history[interactions] # of people the user interacted with in total
history[interactions_last_24hours] # of people the user interacted with in the last 24 hours
history[risk_score] fraud score or risk score within your system if applicable. varies from 0 to 100 where 0 is the most reliable user and 100 is the most fraudulent
history[complaints] number of cases when the user had a complaint
history[was_banned] 1 or 0 if the user was ever banned
history[delivered_products] # of successfully delivered products (if applicable)
history[cancelled_payments] # of cancelled payments during user's lifetime if any
history[customer_rating] customer rating out of 100, assigned by provider company or its members
history[registration_age] age used for the registration

In order to be fully compliant with data protection laws in case of passing these parameters to Paymentwall, merchants should add into their Privacy Statement or Terms and Conditions the following statement:

  • At the point when an end-user wishes to make a payment, his registration details may be passed to Paymentwall that provides payment processing services, in order for Paymentwall to better protect service and end-users from unauthorized payments.
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