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If you still have questions regarding integration, please email us at

Integration Checklist

If you have any issues with any of the following items, please feel free to contact if you have any questions. We are here to help

1. Digital Goods API / Virtual Currency API 
1.1. Integrate a payment widget. It should be accessible on your website/application.
1.2. User ID (uid) must be persistent and unique per user.
1.3. Implement User Profile API *
1.4. Make a test payment using Test Payment Method *
 *(If you are using Offerwall skip to step 3) 
2. Credit card processing (BRICK API)
2.1. Payment page must be loaded via HTTPS
2.2. Client-side tokenization using Brick.js
2.3. Implement Brick 3D Secure step
2.4. Implement User Profile API
2.5. I included fingerprint in Brick API requests
2.6. Cardholder name must be passed to Brick API
2.7. Your servers must not receive/handle customer's CC data
2.9. Recurring billing
2.9.1. If your website uses recurring billing
2.9.2. Recurring billings is setup according to the Paymentwall recurring billing flow
2.9.3. Website clearly shows recurring billing conditions
2.9.4. Cancelation and refund policy is clearly accessible and visible in the website
3. Pingbacks
3.1. Set up a Pingback script in your server
3.2. Pingback Testing 
3.2.1. Type=0 (confirmation pingback) Response "OK"
3.2.2. Type=2 (negative pingback) Response "OK"
3.2.3. Pingbacks with ref parameter repeated should be rejected (avoid delivering same product twice for customer)
3.2.4. Pingbacks with wrong signature should be rejected
3.3. Confirm that the Pingbacks are being tracked and the product is being delivered.
4. Risk Processing (BRICK API)
4.1. Make a test payment using CVV 555
4.1.1. Confirm you received received a pingback type=200 for "transaction pending"
4.1.2. Confirm you received a pingback type=201 for "transaction approved"
4.2. Make a test payment using CVV 556
4.2.1. Confirm you received a pingback type=200 for "transaction pending"
4.2.2. Confirm you received a pingback type=202 for "transaction declined"
5. Payout Documents
5.1. Provide my Payout Details and Documents and confirm that your business is compliant with Paymentwall Merchant Policies
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