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JSON Offer Feed for Virtual Currency API


The JSON Offer Feed for Virtual Currency API extension allows you to receive JSON encoded offers by HTTP/HTTPS request.   

This extension can be activated for your project by request.


Widget Call parameters

ParameterRequiredPossible valuesDescriptionExample
key yes hexadecimal, 32 characters long Project key abcdef12345678900987654321abcdef
page no numeric Number of the page to fetch  
uid yes alphanumeric

User's unique identifier

widget yes alphanumeric

Widget key


user_agent yes alphanumeric

Mobile Os of the targeted user



Windows Mobile



sign_version yes 2 Version of signature. sign_version=2 needs to be used 2
sign yes hexadecimal, 32 characters long

Request signature. All parameters in request need to be
signed. Refer to signature calculation in Digital Goods API


user_ip yes IPv4, dotted decimal

IP address of the end-user

Response format:



"o_name":"Offer name",

"o_description":"Offer description text",

"o_virtual_currency_formatted":"Offer virtual currency label",

"o_virtual_currency":"Offer virtual currency amount",

"o_url":"Offer url",

"o_icon_url":"Offer media (picture, video, etc) url"},...],

"total_count":Total offer amount,

"pager":{"current":current page number,"total":Total number of offer pages,"prev":previous page number,"next":next page number}}

Example request code:



function generateSignature($params, $secret) {

// work with sorted data


// generate the base string

   $baseString = '';

   foreach($params as $key => $value) {

      $baseString .= $key . '=' . $value;


   $baseString .= $secret;

   return md5($baseString);


$params = array(

   'key' => 'cd83cbb752c243999f449416c55e2f53',

   'uid' => '218069',

   'widget' => 'mw1',

   'user_ip' => '',

   'user_agent' => 'iOs',

   'sign_version' => 2,


$secret = '4c5ee8a5099ece10b5a43cb3bb6a9e03';

$params['sign'] = generateSignature($params, $secret);

$url = ''. http_build_query($params);

$offers = json_decode(file_get_contents($url));



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