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Instructions for CCBill

Configuring CCBill direct account with Paymentwall

In order to set up a CCBill payment method, a CCBill Merchant account needs to be created.

Setting up a CCBill Merchant Account

1. Main Account

All CCBill clients have an account number for tracking purposes. The standard format is 9xxxxx-xxxx, where 6-digit number (9xxxxx) is the main account.

You can retrieve your main account number at the top bar near “Client Account” section.

Please enter the main account number to “Main Account” field.

2. Subaccount

After sign up for a website billing, you will be able to create a subaccount.  The subaccount is a 4-digit number (xxxx) which is a part of main account.

To create a subaccount, go to Account Info menu item / Sub Account Admin section / Create Subaccount. After follow the instructions provided by CCBill to complete the subaccount.

Please enter the subaccount number to “Subaccount” field.

3. Salt Secret Key

You may obtain Salt value in 2 different ways:

  1. Contact CCBill Client Support and receive Salt value.
  2. You may create your own Salt value and provide it to CCBill Client Support.

Please note that Salt value is an alphanumeric string up to 32 characters long. 

Please enter the Salt secret key to “Salt (secret key)” field.

4. Form Secret Key

In you CCBill Merchant Area you will be available to choose one of the CCBill Global Forms.

To retrieve one, go to Account Info menu item / Global Forms section. After select an appropriate form name and click “view samples” link. Now you can check the form secret key which is a 5-digit number.

Please enter Form secret key to “Form (secret Key)” field.

5. Configure Callback URLs

As soon as you are done with the previous steps, the “Success” and “Failure” callback URLs need to be set up.

In order to set up go to Account Info menu item / Sub Account Admin section and choose the sub account you had to create earlier. At the “Account Admin / Modify Subaccount” menu, click “Advanced” link. Once redirected, complete the following configurations on Callback.

5.1 Configure “Success” URL

At the “Approval Post URL” row enter the following URL:

5.2 Configure “Failure” URL

At the “Denial Post URL” row enter the following URL:

6. Void, Credit and Chargeback Notices

Please note that you will have to periodically download a file that contains a report concerning void, credit and chargeback details and email it to with the
subject “CCBill Void/Credit/Chargeback Notice – MM/DD/YYYY – MM/DD/YYYY”.

Add CCBill Merchant Account to Paymentwall

  1. Log in to Paymentwall Developers Area, go to Settings and click “Add Payment account” button.
  2. Select the “CCBill” payment system at the dropdown list and click “Next” button.
  3. Fill up the form:
    1. Enter your main account at CCBill (6-digit number).
    2. Enter your subaccount at CCBill (4-digit number).
    3. Enter your Salt (secret key) at CCBill (an alphanumeric string, up to 32 characters long).
    4. Enter your Form (secret key) at CCBill (an alphanumeric string, 5 characters long).
  4. Click “Save” button.


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