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Getting started

Here is the list of things you would need to have in order to use Paymentwall as a merchant.


In order to monetize your digital goods or services you can use one of the following APIs:

Virtual Currency API

Used for monetizing projects with virtual currency economy.
Some examples of virtual currency:

  • Coins
  • Points
  • Credits

Digital Goods API
for monetizing
Digital Goods / Subscriptions / One-Time Payments

Used for selling:

  • Premium membership with recurring billing
  • Digital goods
  • In-game virtual items
  • Services

Shopping Cart API

This API can be used for selling cart of many virtual items.

This API supports DRM extension. DRM extension allows merchants to monetize content locked with Digital Rights Management systems, such as Yummy Interactive's GameShield.

Detailed description of each API is available in the menu on the left.

Creating a Project

You can create a project inside of the Paymentwall Merchant Area by clicking Projects in the top menu and clicking the button " Add Project". Alternatively, you can click here.

If your website/service requires multiple APIs, you can set up multiple projects that use different APIs.

Technical Integration

Technical integration for each API takes only two steps:

Paymentwall Widget Call Showing a Paymentwall widget to users
Pingback Processing Accepting pingbacks (instant payment notifications) from Paymentwall and delivering products to users

The documentation for each API describes both steps.

More details:

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