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If you still have questions regarding integration, please email us at

Product Details API

API Description

Product Details API allows to pull name, type, price and other fields of a product that is stored in Paymentwall Merchant Area > Products Section. Merchant can pass the product SKU ID and pull the details.

This API can be activated for your Paymentwall Merchant Account by request. To activate it please email us at

API Endpoint

Request Method


Request Parameters

parameter required description
key yes Project key
ag_external_id yes Merchant's product SKU ID
country_code no Country code in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format. By default determines country code by user IP
callback no JSONP callback function
sign_version no Signature version
sign no Request signature

Request Sample 1[PROJECT_KEY]&ag_external_id=product_100244&sign_version=2&sign=[SIGNATURE]

Response Sample 1

  "name":"Premium Access",
  "period_length":"1", // visible only if product type is subscription
  "period_type":"week", // visible only if product type is subscription
  "recurring":"1", // visible only if product type is subscription
  "trial":"1", // visible only if product type is subscription
  "post_trial_product_id":"product_100245" // visible only if product type is subscription and subscription is in trial mode

Request Sample 2[PROJECT_KEY]&ag_external_id=product_100244&country_code=US&callback=productDetailsHandler

Response Sample 2

  ... // all other fields similar to Response Sample 1

Request Sample 3[PROJECT_KEY]&ag_external_id=product_100241&callback=productDetailsHandler

Response Sample 3

productDetailsHandler([]); // product is not found
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