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Payment Flow

The general payment flow from end-user standpoint is:

  1. Loading the Widget
    An end-user loads the widget.

  2. Payment Method Selection
    The end-user selects the payment method, optionally the product he/she is paying for and clicks Buy.
    If needed, the end-user provides payment details, such as credit card number.

  3. Thank You Page
    Once the payment goes through, "Thank you" message is displayed to the end-user.

    The Thank You page is very customizable. For more details, please contact

  4. Product Delivery

    Paymentwall notifies the merchant via pingback about the payment going through. Upon receiving a pingback, the merchant deliveres the product to the end-user.

  5. Payment Receipt

    If email of the end-user is communicated to Paymentwall via email GET parameter of the widget URL or if the end-user is logged into his personal Paymentwall Account, Paymentwall will send a payment receipt to the end-user. An example is displayed below.

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