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DRM extension for Shopping Cart API


This extension allows to monetize content (games, anivirus software etc) wrapped with Digital Right Management systems, such as GameShieldby YummyInteractive.

Activation Keys

After a payment is made, Paymentwall will generate Activation Keys and deliver them to the end-user via email receipt and also on the payment Thank You page.

Activation Keys can be generated in two ways:

  • DRM Links - generating keys via API.
    For each product you can provide a http/https DRM Link that Paymentwall will use to generate activation keys on the fly in realtime as described below.

    • Request:
    • Expected Response:
      • Response Status Code:
      • Response Body:
        Activation Key Value

  • DRM Key Storage - pulling keys from internal storage.
    For each product you can provide Paymentwall with a CSV file with list of activation keys to be used in the following format:
      "SKU ID 1","Activation Key1"
      "SKU ID 1","Activation Key2"
      "SKU ID 2","Activation Key3"

Setting Up

In order to activate this extension, please tick "DRM" checkbox as shown below

The differences comparing to the Shopping Cart API are described below.

1. Widget Call

The widget call is the same as for Shopping Cart API. 

2. Products set up section

The products set up is extended with additional fields described below: DRM link and Download link.

2.1 DRM link

The DRM link is the static URI which should return some key/access code/password when being accessed, and will be available for the user after the payment confirmation. This URI should be secured and not be available for the user.

Currently we support Yummy Interactive (GameShield) DRM provider. If you want to use other DRM providers, please contact us to clarify.

2.2 Download link

This link is given to the user along with the key retrieved using DRM link after the user pays. For example, It's used to retrieve trial ot blocked version which then can be activated using the Key, retrieved from DRM link.

3. After the payment

After the payment the user will receive the list of products he paid for along with the descriptions, keys/access codes/passwords retrieved from DRM link and corresponding download links. This information will also be sent to the user's email, if he provided it.

If you want to change the subject of the email which is send to the users, please also contact us.


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