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Instructions for Moneybookers

Create a Moneybookers Merchant Account

In order to set up a Moneybookers payment method, a Moneybookers merchant account needs to be created. Please reinsure that it allows receive payments in your country.

Set up a Moneybookers Merchant Account

  • Log in to your Moneybookers account.
  • Under “My Account” tab go to “Merchant Tools”.

Configure your Merchant Account:

  •  Enter a Secret Word
    • This feature allows merchants to submit a secret word instead of their API/MQI Password when making requests to the MQI and “Email check” interfaces.
    • Additionally, the Secret Word is used when signing various status reports from Skrill (Moneybookers) to the merchant.
  • Enable Automated Payments Interface
    • Enter "" IP address to the textbox below ("Allow requests only from the following IP addresses").
  • Enable Merchant Query Interface
    • Enter "" IP address to the textbox below ("Allow requests only from the following IP addresses").
  • Enable API/MQI Password
    • Enter a new password and confirm it.
  • Enable Chargeback Notification
    • Enter email address below ("Notify me for each chargeback via email to the following email address").
  • Enable  Merchant Refunds
    • Select "Website & API" option at the “Allow refunds to be made via” dropdown list.

Add a Moneybookers Merchant Account to Paymentwall

  1. Log in to Paymentwall developers area, go to Settings and click “Add Payment account” button.
  2. Select the Moneybookers payment system at the dropdown list and click “Next” button.
  3. Fill up the form:
    1. Enter your merchant email address.
    2. Enter the Secret Word you entered earlier at Moneybookers “Merchant Tools” section.
    3. Enter API/MQI Password you entered earlier at Moneybooker “Merchant Tools” section.
  4. Do not forget to set up the specific filters in your email service provider.
  5. Click “Save” button.

The specific filters are meant to redirect the elected emails received from Moneybookers directly to our Customer Service Team. This is going to occur in case of potential refunds from Moneybookers.

The necessary filters are listed below:

“%POTENTIAL FRAUD: Transactions received on your Moneybookers account%”,”%Skrill (Moneybookers) Transaction Cancellation Request%”, “%Skrill (Moneybookers) Refund Request%”, “%CONFIRMED FRAUD: Transactions received on your Moneybookers account %

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