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How can I receive my payout?

Paymentwall can pay you via the following methods:

Bank and Wire Transfer (Globally)
PayPal (Globally)

How often can I receive my payouts?

You receive payouts once a month. If your monthly revenues are greater than $100,000 we can send payouts twice a month.

I am still a minor. Can I receive my payout?

If you are a minor and would like to use our service. Kindly ask your parents or legal guardians to accept the payout on your behalf. In compliance with international laws, we require the beneficiary of the payout to be of legal age.

In which currency can I receive my payout?

We can send the payout in USD or EUR provided that the bank used for the deposit is denominated in this currency.

Is there any minimum payout amount that I need to meet?

There is a $100 minimum payout threshold. Once the $100 threshold is met, we will automatically send you the payout as long as all compliance documents are uploaded and approved.

Why are you not sending my payout?

In order to receive your payout, please make sure that all required Compliance documents are submitted and approved. Check out your payout settings page for the complete list of required documents.

Why is my payout delayed?

We send out payouts as we collect your revenues from our payment partners. It would depend on the payment method utilized by the users and release time of our payment partners which usually vary between 30 to 60 days. To view your payout schedule, please click here

The payout can also be put on hold for a specific amount of time if we see that you have stopped processing payments. This is to cover any possible chargebacks the users may file. Once the prescriptive period is over, we will pay you your remaining balance minus any refunds or chargebacks.

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