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Paymentwall Launches First All-in-One Smart TV Payment Suite Smart TV platform developers can now monetize their applications, games and other content with Paymentwall’s Smart TV payments platform

San Francisco, CA., October 16, 2014.--Paymentwall Inc. unveiled a new Smart TV payment solution geared towards helping developers monetize on Smart TV platforms, allowing consumers worldwide to pay for content just by using their remote control or secondary devices.

Until now, making payments from a remote control has been such a clunky and burdensome task that an increasingly large amount of users have abandoned their shopping carts before seeing the purchase through to completion. Paymentwall’s intuitive UI requires only numeric input, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly complete their purchases.

Paymentwall’s newest payment solution makes it possible to accept payments from Smart TV users worldwide by offering several easy checkout methods and over a different 120 payment options:

Cross platform functionality means users can pay directly on their television by effortlessly inputting card information with a remote control or they can complete checkout on a secondary device like a laptop, tablet or smartphone by visiting a unique URL or scanning a QR code. Smart TVs have been brought to market globally over the past 5 years, but the payment options available on the platform have so far been designed to cater mostly to customers in the United States. For customers in developing nations who would like to make payments, the option just has not been available. Paymentwall’s geolocation technology determines where users are paying from and displays localized payment options. With 120+ global payment options and support for credit and debit card, eWallet, bank transfer, prepaid card and mobile payments, PW Smart TV Payments is a payment solution for customers worldwide, even in developing nations. PW’s secure card tokenization makes one-click checkout a breeze and simplifies recurring billing for streaming content or application subscriptions.

Daniel Lee, PW Smart TV Payments product manager said today, “Many Smart TV developers were launching applications on many platforms and were struggling to make money; they had no way to cover the development costs and content licensing fees. Paymentwall is giving developers and content providers a way to collect payments with Paymentwall for Smart TV on the device itself!”

Guney Yasavur, CEO of SPI International, when asked about the product said, “I’m extremely excited about the launch of this Smart TV payments product. One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed as more and more Smart TV’s become available in the market globally is that the content offered on the Smart TV isn’t actually accessible for many global customers due to a lack of payment solution tailored for Smart TV and remote control. With Paymentwall's new user interface our subscribers can make their payments more easily and securely. ”

About Paymentwall: Paymentwall Inc. is the leading global monetization platform for digital goods and services such as games, dating sites, social networks, and SaaS companies. Paymentwall was founded in 2010, and the companies singular focus is allowing everyone around the world to make payments and get what they want. Paymentwall is headquartered in San Francisco with 10 offices worldwide (list offices). (

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