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San Francisco

Paymentwall San Francisco office

Paymentwall was born in San Francisco in 2010 as a payments platform to monetize games on Facebook. In 2011, Facebook banned third party payment services on its platform, leading Paymentwall to expand to all digital payments. In 2012, Paymentwall decided to go global and started opening offices apart from its two original offices in San Francisco and Kiev.

Paymentwall brokered partnerships with many alternative local payment providers, developed unique payment products in the Mobile Payments space, and added Credit Card processing, completing the full spectrum of payments on one platform as opposed to other payment services that specialize only in one payment method at a time. The platform approach allowed Paymentwall to grow exponentially as a one stop solution that provides everything that any digital company would need. In 2017, Paymentwall continued its expansions reaching 16 offices, 250 employees, 200.000 member merchants and over 500 payment, bank and mobile carrier and advertising partners.

Paymentwall is a unique company in the way that it operates in a distributed manner across all offices, where the team members are encouraged to act entrepreneurially, seek solutions and innovate with their teams to provide a better payment service for end-users around the world for the digital age.

Paymentwall Global HQ

255 9th St

San Francisco, CA, 94103

United States

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