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Paymentwall Team strives for excellent yet efficient work.

Customer Support

Helps resolve different kinds of inquiries that Paymentwall merchants and end-users encounter. Suggests and clearly explains effective solutions for online payment issues for different niches, mobile services, alternative payment methods, and others. Proactive and loves taking the initiative in communicating with people.

Important tasks

  • Manages CRM responses from users around the world across 24 time zones.
  • Updates other Paymentwall teams on customer feedback to best facilitate future responses.
  • Maintains and updates Paymentwall clients database.

Risk Team

Monitors, detects, and recommends the necessary action to make sure that fraud is prevented for Paymentwall customers. Curious problem-solvers, Risk Team members are committed to ensuring that transactions done on the platform are secured.

Important tasks

  • Monitors transactions in real time.
  • Investigates any cases of actual or suspected fraud and noncompliance.
  • Evaluates effectiveness and provides feedback to improve fraud detection systems and strategies.

Business Development

Experts in creating, developing, and sustaining businesses. As risk-takers, Bizdevs never give up in helping clients grow. Bizdevs have natural and strong sales skills, and strive to convince clients of the best ways to monetize their businesses.

Important tasks

  • Develops new business through actively identifying prospects, and understanding their business models and needs for specific monetization services.
  • Establishes working relationships that can turn into revenue, both for the client and Paymentwall.
  • Actively and successfully implements the sales process: from lead generation to signing agreements pitch, negotiation, close and handover to the account management team.

Legal Department

Works on legal questions to assist Paymentwall with its global expansion and product development. Summarizes and communicates risks, legal concepts, company policies, and procedures in a way that business people can use. Driven by challenge, the Legal Department's attention to detail ensures merchants and end-users that everything is in order.

Important tasks

  • Analysis of the legislation of foreign jurisdictions.
  • Prepares, revises, updates, and reviews business agreements.
  • Monitors regulations and new legal requirements.

Software Development

Paymentwall developers have a deep understanding and passion of programming. We value collaboration, knowing that we need to work as a team to build groundbreaking payment products. Hardworking and adaptive to the constant changes of payment technologies.

Important tasks

  • Optimizes the Paymentwall system for high load of transactions.
  • Builds and improves APIs for the platform.
  • Participates in system design decisions and payment platform development.


Creative storytellers responsible for marketing Paymentwall to a global audience. Curious and proactive, the Marketing team values brainstorming sessions with other departments, in order to present products in the most efficient way.

Important tasks

  • Conceptualizes and produces marketing materials that clearly explains Paymentwall solutions.
  • Promotes Paymentwall activities and milestones, such as business partnerships and office openings.
  • Ensures that all marketing materials created convey the Paymentwall brand voice.
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