Payment Solutions

Paymentwall works as an extension of your team to deliver results and integrate seamlessly with your corporate tools, third-party programs or multi-platform solutions.

Provide your customers with the experience they want, when they want it

  • Connection to over 150 local payment methods.
  • White-label commerce tools in local languages.
  • More than 100 processing currencies.
  • Powerful in-house risk engine.
  • 24/7 customer service support.

Grow your business with Paymentwall

Integrate our white-label set of products and services tailored to your growing business needs

Credit Card Processing

Build your white-label solution

Paymentwall, in cooperation with Market8, allows you to build your own customizable and scalable store.

Alternative Payment Methods

Improve local payment coverage

Connect to local credit card payment acquiring as well as 150 local payment methods worldwide.

Local Acquiring

Manage risk and resolve disputes

Detect possible fraud patterns and identify suspicious transactions, at the same time reducing the burden of lengthy disputes.

Transaction Reporting

Improve customer satisfaction

Resolve your customer requests with the help of the Paymentwall Team.

case study

Smart TV payments innovation

Paymentwall’s Smart TV payment product provides a checkout where users can pay through their remote control by entering their credit or debit card numbers, as well as prepaid MINT epins. They can also now use their laptop, tablet or smartphone to execute the payment. For laptop and tablet users, they need to visit the special link generated to make a payment. For mobile phone users, they need to scan a QR code using their phone and to complete their transaction on their smart phones.

We are giving developers and content providers a simple and easy way to monetize their content with many payment solutions provided on the Paymentwall Smart TV platform, and with one integration, they can sell easily anywhere in the world and with many ways for people to complete their app and content purchase transactions.

Bottega Venetta

Minimize development time

Provide the payment experience that works for your customers

Flexible API

It takes just a few lines of code to implement our payment and commerce modules to accept payments, prevent fraud, and much more in your app or website.

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Platform Integration

Minimize development time for your clients by building a ready-to-use plugin created for scalable growth.

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