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Swiss Payment Market Overview

With strong spending power and widespread internet and smartphone adoption, the Swiss e-commerce market is well positioned to grow. The influx of international e-commerce providers and innovative delivery partners should also support expansion in this relatively small online shopping market.

E-commerce growth in Switzerland over the next three years is set to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5 percent, one of the lower forecasts for the European region, linked to an overall economic slowdown in the country. Economic expansion was driven by strong domestic demand, with gross domestic product growth hitting three percent.

Payment Methods in Switzerland

Key Market Indicators in Switzerland

Online shopping market value
Bank account penetration
Mobile commerce
Avg annual online spend

Banks in Switzerland

Credit Suisse
Swiss Raiffeisen
Zurich Cantonal Bank
Julius Baer
Banque cantonale de Genève (BCGE)
Migros Bank AG
Bank J. Safra Sarasin

Mobile Carriers in Switzerland


Integrate Swiss Payment Methods

Bank transfers (Überweisung) are popular and are used for the majority of online payments, at 53 percent or €5.3 billion of all sales. This popularity for payment from domestic bank accounts means international e-commerce merchants should integrate online bank transfer payment method in their checkout.

Card payments are also well used, accounting for 24 percent of sales, although this share is forecast to decline. Card penetration is also high in the country, so this payment method is convenient for the population.

Country Statistics
Region Europe
Population 8.57 million
E-commerce market size €10.5 billion
Local currency CHF
Key Metrics
Internet penetration rate 83%
Internet cost €75/month
Mobile penetration rate 74.9%
Cellular technology standard 4G
Dual sim usage 5.2%
Popular mobile OS iOS
Other Information
Big Mac Index 6.71
Average annual income €53,779
Largest Cities in Switzerland by Population
Zürich 415,367
Geneva 201,818
Basel 177,654
Lausanne 139,111
Bern 133,883
Winterthur 111,851

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