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MINT is a prepaid product that allows individuals (“you”) to purchase digital goods and services from merchants on the Paymentwall platform. MINT is operated for your convenience by PW Inc., a Nevada corporation (“we” or “us”). The following Terms and Conditions, in addition to the Paymentwall Terms of Service (located here), explain what you agree to when you purchase or use MINT..

General Terms

We may change these Terms and Conditions if we reasonably consider it necessary to do so. We will give one (1) month’s notice before a change is made. All notices and changes will be posted at (the "Website"). You should check the Website regularly for such notices and changes. It is agreed that you shall be deemed to have consented to the modification if you do not indicate your rejection in writing before the proposed date of entry into force of the modification. If you do not object to the modifications in writing within one (1) month of the notification, the modifications shall be deemed to have been accepted and shall become an effective part of our contract. Simply expanding the functionality or introducing new services shall not constitute an amendment to these Terms and Conditions..

Purchasing Mint

We have a relationship with a number of authorized resellers (“Resellers”). Either MINT cards or electronic PINs (collectively, “MINT” or “MINT products”) can be purchased from these Resellers. Unless otherwise required by law, you must be 13 years old or older to purchase MINT.

You can purchase MINT from a Reseller upon payment by you of the value printed on the MINT product ("Value").

Each MINT product is allocated its own unique Personal Identification Number ("PIN"). When you purchase MINT, the Reseller will give you either a physical card or another type of medium that will display the PIN. If the Reseller is an online retailer, the PIN will be transmitted to you in electronic form, and you should print this out for safekeeping.

The contract between you and us is concluded for an indefinite term. An expiry date may be printed on MINT or provided with the MINT PIN relating to the value of MINT. Unless otherwise restricted by law, we shall consider the remaining Value of a MINT product as abandoned and forfeited back to us at the time of expiration. However, this expiration does not have any other impact on the term of this contract.

Using Mint

You can only use MINT with merchants that use the Paymentwall platform and accept MINT as a means of payment (“Merchants”). Internet access is required to use MINT (separate fees may apply). You can use MINT to purchase digital goods and services from these Merchants.

You may use your MINT product as often as you like to purchase goods or services up to a total of the Value. When you pay using MINT you will be asked to enter the MINT product’s PIN. By providing the PIN, you irrevocably authorize the Merchant to deduct the funds immediately from your MINT for the relevant product/service. At the same time you irrevocably authorize us, to process the deduction from your MINT and authorize the payment to the Merchant.

If you pay for goods and services in another currency than the currency of your MINT product, a foreign exchange fee may apply.

It is prohibited to sell, trade in, or purchase, any MINT product via unauthorized internet platforms or exchange platforms, where MINT PINs are illegally offered for sale. A purchase of MINT over the internet is allowed exclusively through authorized Resellers.

We are not responsible for lost or defective MINT products. However, to minimize the risk of fraud, if you find that your MINT is defective or has been compromised, you should tell us immediately by e-mailing us

Your Obligations

You must check your receipt or your MINT product to confirm that you have received a PIN.

If you cannot read your PIN or you believe the MINT product is corrupted in any way then you must inform us by e-mailing us ( with the PIN of the MINT. If you are unable to read the PIN you should email us a copy of your record or receipt of the purchase. Depending on the circumstances, we may choose, in our sole and absolute discretion, to issue a replacement MINT product.

You must keep your MINT information safe and protect it from access by unauthorized third parties. Do not give your MINT information to any unauthorized third party. If you lose your MINT product it will not be replaced. If you believe your MINT product has been stolen, you must inform us immediately, with a reference number to the criminal report you filed.

In either case you can notify us or inform us by e-mail ( so that any remaining balance associated with the MINT product can be blocked. To enable us to block a MINT product we will require the PIN. Please be aware that if your MINT is lost or stolen you may lose some or all of the Value.

If you believe any of your MINT or Paymentwall transactions are incorrectly executed you must notify us as soon as possible but within 6 months of the date of the transaction. Depending on the circumstances, we may choose, in our sole and absolute discretion, to provide you with credit for amounts that were incorrectly debited.


You have the right to terminate this agreement at any time during the contract period. Unless otherwise required by law in the country where the Reseller issued MINT (“Territory”), there are no refunds issued for MINT. If you terminate a MINT product we will block it as soon as practical so it cannot be used. If a refund is due to you by law, we will arrange for any unused funds to be redeemed to you, once all transactions and applicable fees have been deducted.

We may block or terminate a MINT product and our contract with you immediately if we suspect any fraud or misuse of MINT occurring, if we have other security concerns or if we need to do so to comply with the law. This is valid in case it is suspected that MINT was purchased on illegal exchanges or similar, whether in return for payment or gratuitous. We may provide you with a replacement MINT if you contact us and if, in our sole and absolute discretion, we believe such circumstances no longer apply. If the Value of the newly issued MINT product is higher than the balance on the defective MINT, you will be required to pay additional funds to us to cover the difference.

Limited Right of Redemption

Unless required in the country where the Reseller was located, we do not issue refunds for MINT.

If it is required by law, you may request a redemption of the remaining funds on your MINT by emailing us to request a redemption. Before we can redeem the remaining funds to you we will need you to provide us with the serial number of the MINT product, the value left on the MINT product, your full name, email address and a contact phone number, a legible copy of your photo identification document, a legible copy of the MINT product as well as your personal bank account details where you would like us to transfer the money. To enable us to comply with our legal obligations, we may ask you to provide us with certain other information before we can process your redemption request. We may charge you a fee for redemption if you request redemption before the natural expiration of your contract or if you request redemption more than one year after the date of the contract (if redemption is required by law).

Complaints & Disputes

If you are unhappy in any way with MINT, please email us so we can investigate your complaint.

If you want to dispute a purchase you have made with your MINT, you should settle these with the relevant Merchant. We are not responsible for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with MINT. Once you have used MINT to make a purchase we cannot stop that transaction.


If you have acted fraudulently, without reasonable care or in violation of these Terms and Conditions or any applicable laws you will be responsible for all losses on MINT.

We accept no responsibility or liability for a Merchant refusing to honor a MINT transaction or failing to cancel an authorization.

We are not liable to you for any losses caused by acts of God, riots, war, natural disasters or other occurrences that are beyond our reasonable control. We do not guarantee the permanent availability of the MINT system, in particular the availability of the systems of Resellers or Merchants.

If a court of competent jurisdiction determines that we are liable to you for any reason, you agree in advance that we will only be responsible for the actual loss you suffer as a direct result of our actions, up to a maximum of the balance on your MINT product. We will not be responsible for any other types of losses (for example, loss of reputation or future opportunities).

Data Protection

We do not collect any personal data when you purchase or use a MINT from a Reseller. Personal data is collected when you provide personal data to our Website. We use cookies for the purpose of system protection and protection against misuse. You must accept these cookies in order to use our Website. All personal data is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, located here.


We may assign the rights and duties of these Terms and Conditions to another company at any time, on giving you at least one (1) month’s notice via the Website. If we do this, your rights will not be affected. In this case, you can object within 2 months and terminate your contract with us with immediate effect. In such circumstances you will not be charged a Redemption Fee if a redemption is required by law.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the state or federal courts located in and for San Francisco County, California, United States courts will deal with any legal proceedings between us. Communications and notifications shall be made in English.

PW Inc.
630 South Rancho Drive, Suite F
Las Vegas, NV 89106

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