Monetize your LG
Smart TV app

Accept payments worldwide in your LG Smart TV
app with Paymentwall’s payment plugin.

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Key features

Multiple Checkout Options
Allow users to pay with their remote control, or let them complete the checkout online with a special link, or a QR code that can be scanned with smartphones or tablets.
Global Payments Coverage
Accept more than 140 payment options such as credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and more and monetize your app with millions of LG Smart TV users worldwide.
Flexible Billing Options
Set up subscriptions, one-time payments and more to suit your users’ preferences, increase conversions and improve their payment experience.
State-Of-The-Art Risk Management
Advanced risk filters and our 24/7 risk team prevent fraud and chargebacks before they even occur, keeping you and your customers safe and sound.
Secure Payments Processing
Ensure secure payments processing for your users wherever they are with a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified payments service provider.
Single API Integration
Integrate mainstream and alternative payment methods at your app with just a few lines of code and start earning revenue with the LG Smart TV.


Generate More Revenue
Whether you’re offering streaming services, content downloads or in-app purchases earn more revenue from your LG Smart TV app with a wide range of payment methods that users can choose from.
Expand Your Reach
Reach users from both developed and emerging markets with traditional and alternative ways to pay and with flexible checkout options that don’t require them to get up from the comfort of their couch.
Stay Secure Anytime
Ensure payments security for your LG Smart TV app and for your users with our
top-of-the-line risk and fraud prevention tools, which has your business covered 24/7 so that you can focus on growth.