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Fraud Protection

Paymentwall's fraud protection uses automated measures accompanied with a globally staffed Risk Team working 24/7 to prevent fraud and chargebacks on all your purchases. By using advanced metrics and algorithms to measure the risk level of each transaction, Paymentwall is able to catch fraudulent activity before it starts. This fraud protection comes standard with Paymentwall's products and will help you save money and protect your users.

Decision-making system:

    • User's transaction history

    • Location of buyer

    • Proxy detection

    • User's data analysis

    • Digital fingerprinting

    • Multi-merchant techniques

    • Paymentwall fraud screening algorithms

Additional benefits:

    • Adjusts to the users behaviour individually for each service, based on the business model, transaction history and past experience

    • Real time monitoring of apps allows our team to make real-time decisions to prevent fraud

    • Advanced account holder verification through Paymentwall Connect

    • Merchants can whitelist verified users

    • Specially developed API to reverse fraudulent transactions

    • Paymentwall disputes chargebacks on behalf of all merchants
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