Protect your business from fraud

Passport Risk is a fraud prevention solution that allows you to alert or decline suspicious transactions, filter payments with custom rules, set up automatic alerts, and so much more.

Medusa open rules

User and filter pre-setup

We can whitelist or block users in advance and customize our filters using the transaction and chargeback history that you upload to our system.

Medusa pre-setup

Manual payments review

Our 24/7 Risk team consists of experienced Risk Agents who will review all alerted payments and take the best decision possible to either accept or decline suspicious transactions alerted by our fraud engine.

Medusa log risk

Flexible filters system

Flexible filter system that lets you customize or create filters from scratch - apply different rules and attributes to adapt to new fraudulent patterns and meet your business needs

Medusa flexible filters

Custom thresholds

Alert transactions for further manual review or automatically decline transactions based on preset threshold scores

Medussa custom tresholds