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At Paymentwall we believe that every opportunity should be explored, that’s why we built the world's leading payments solution. We work hard to make sure your websites and applications can monetize users wherever you are selling your digital goods and services. We make it easy for users anywhere in the world to pay for your content by providing the most popular, localized payment options in their local language and currency, so that anywhere there is a user, there is an opportunity to monetize them.

    • We allow users to make payments with over 95 payment options globally which include:
      Credit & debit cards e-Wallets Bank transfers & direct debit Mobile payments Land-line payments Prepaid cards & Cash Payment kiosks
    • Paymentwall’s Smart Payments Algorithm™ analyzes and optimizes website checkout personally for each user based on location, application, and user’s payment history

    • Our open platform allows merchants to easily integrate Paymentwall in less than 2 hours

    • Customizable widgets allow you to capture the look and feel of your website or application

    • Global 24/7 customer support for your users in 25+ languages

    • Global 24/7 tech support to answer all your technical questions

    • UI supports 25+ languages and will accept payments in over 30 currencies

  • A dedicated Optimization Team, working closely with you to increase the revenue of your application


What makes Paymentwall unique? We’re the only platform that brings a variety of fully customizable payment widgets into games, content, web services, dating and any other site. Our custom solutions for applications allow you to have your very own checkout page matching the look and feel of your site.

In-game Widgets

Looking for an in-game solution? We have it! Our Flash compatible layers are displayed and integrated right into your game or application, creating a seamless payment experience for your user. By placing the widget in-game, it will allow the user to easily purchase credits without missing any action in their game.

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