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Austrian Payment Market Overview

Austria is a small e-commerce player but one that is poised to grow considerably in the coming years. This market expansion will be driven by increasingly ambitious local merchants, rising smartphone use leading to double-digit mobile commerce growth, and the arrival of international digital wallet players seeking to make their mark.

The €9.1 billion Austrian online shopping sector has expanded rapidly in recent years, but growth is now leveling out as the market matures. After a period of double-digit annual e-commerce growth, Austrian demand for online shopping has slowed to a single-digit but still healthy rate of 9.4 percent. Reflecting this trend, Austrians are spending somewhat modestly online, with the average annual spend a third lower than the European average of €2,186.

Payment Methods in Austria

Key Market Indicators in Austria

Online shopping market value
Bank account penetration
Accept EPS payments
Avg annual online spend

Banks in Austria

Erste Group Bank
RZB Group
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
Raiffeisen Bank Niederösterreich
OberBank AG

Mobile Carriers in Austria

Magenta Telekom
3 (Drei)

Integrate Austrian Payment Methods

Debit cards are more popular than credit cards, with 1.12 debit cards per capita compared with just 0.39 credit cards per capita. The use of debit methods suggests an aversion to taking on debt, but attitudes towards using credit appear to be changing. Consumer credit in Austria hit an all-time high at €164.5 billion.

Digital wallets are expected to be the fastest-growing payment method, with transactions forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent out to 2021. Bank account penetration in Austria is high, at 98.2 percent, and bank transfers account for 15 percent of online transactions. Electronic Payment Standard is a popular domestic online bank transfer payment service, accepted by 80 percent of Austrian merchants.

Country Statistics
Region Europe
Population 9 million
E-commerce market size €9.2 billion
Local currency EUR
Key Metrics
Internet penetration rate 79.7%
Internet cost €20/month
Mobile penetration rate 97%
Cellular technology standard 4G, 5G
Dual sim usage 4.31%
Popular mobile OS iOS
Other Information
Big Mac Index 4.64
Average annual income €33,250
Largest Cities in Austria by Population
Vienna 1,840,573
Graz 273,838
Linz 198,181
Salzburg 148,420
Innsbruck 126,851
Klagenfurt 97,827

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