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Australian Payment Market Overview

Australia offers a market notable for its growing youth population and an overall base of consumers that are willing to adopt a variety of emerging e-commerce techniques – from shopping via social media to paying in instalments with new businesses. E-commerce merchants must make sure they can provide simple, fast, seamless shopping to meet the needs of this sophisticated audience..

Payment Methods in Australia

Key Market Indicators in Australia

Online shopping market value
Pay with cards
Bank account penetration
Avg annual online spend

Banks in Australia

Commonwealth Bank
National Australian Bank
Westpac Bank
Bank of Queensland
Macquarie Bank
Bendigo Bank
AMP Bank Ltd
Suncorp Bank

Mobile Carriers in Australia


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Used in 52 percent of transactions and accounting for $17.2 billion of sales, cards represent Australia’s primary way to pay online. Debit cards are in far higher circulation than credit cards, at 1.9 per capita, compared with just 0.68 per capita for credit cards. While debit cards tend to be more common in most countries than credit cards, it should also be noted that Australia is a highly diverse country with a sizeable first-generation population from developing nations.

Nationwide schemes are emerging to facilitate faster payments. The New Payments Platform (NPP) launched in February 2018 was developed and continues to be run by 13 financial institutions, including Australia’s central Reserve Bank. It operates 24/7 and facilitates instant fund transfers between payer and payee.

Country Statistics
Region Australia and Oceania
Population 25 million
E-commerce market size $33.1 billion
Local currency AUD
Key Metrics
Internet penetration rate 87.8%
Internet cost $95/month
Mobile penetration rate 71%
Cellular technology standard 4G, 5G
Dual sim usage 2.41%
Popular mobile OS iOS, Android
Other Information
Big Mac Index 4.58
Average annual income $48,360
Largest Cities in Australia by Population
Sydney 5,230,330
Melbourne 4,936,349
Brisbane 2,462,637
Perth 2,059,484
Adelaide 1,345,777
Tweed Heads 679,127

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