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If you still have questions regarding integration, please email us at


Marmalade extension details:

Platform limitations: none; the extension is only using s3e cross-platform core API (s3eWebView)

Targeted Marmalade SDK: 6, 7

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Integration with Marmalade consists of 2 steps:

Loading Paymentwall widget

Include the files pwWidgetCallApi.h, pwWidgetCall.cpp attached to this article into your Marmalade project. After that the widget can be loaded using the following code snippet:

string uid ("user123");
string akey("a8703ad50fdeeccafe764aa783ced48b");
string goodid("product.500credits");
s3eDebugSetInt(S3E_DEBUG_FONT_SCALE, fontScale);
pwWidgetCallApi *widgetCall = new pwWidgetCallApi(akey);
widgetWebView = widgetCall->getWidgetView(uid, goodid);
s3eWebViewShow(widgetWebView, offset_left , offset_top, 
    s3eSurfaceGetInt(S3E_SURFACE_WIDTH) - offset_left - offset_right, 
    s3eSurfaceGetInt(S3E_SURFACE_HEIGHT) - offset_top - offset_bottom

You can also find a code sample of a project that is using Paymentwall widget in main.cpp file attached to this article.

Parameters that are being used in the widget call:

  • akey - applicaiton key given by Paymentwall once you create a project under your Paymentwall Merchant Account
  • goodid - ID of the product as it is set up in Products section of your Paymentwall Merchant Account
  • uid - identifier of the end-user in your system that will be sent back in pingbacks once the end-user pays

Processing pingbacks

For pingback processing, refer to Pingback Processing section of the Digital Goods API.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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