Merchant/Customer Support Representative - Las Vegas

las vegas


Paymentwall is looking for an experienced, professional creative and friendly Merchant Support Representative. The candidate should understand how to analyze, create and execute merchant support processes for Paymentwall’s global operations spanning offices. The candidate should be an extremely meticulous out-of-the-box thinker, be customer service oriented, efficient, timely, and communicative.


The candidate needs to be familiar with the digital goods space, web based services, mobile services and how users make payments online. This person should be able to deliver a quality service by utilizing the resources available by the Paymentwall team and the administrative tools provided.


  • Provide assistance to merchants on the issues they may have.

  • Have a deep knowledge in all aspects of the product: billing, risk mitigation, accounting, end-user experience.

  • Work closely with business development, account management, optimization and integration teams to make sure all aspects of the interaction between merchant and the company are handled perfectly.

  • Work closely with the development team to provide information so they can create back-end tools to best facilitate responses to our customers and improve our customer service product.

  • Contribute to creating tools that will provide reports to the rest of the Paymentwall team so they can best understand what is happening with the merchant support processes.

  • Identify sources of issues and trends and report these clearly to the rest of the Paymentwall team.

  • Be part of a fun work environment where merchant support team members are excited to come in each day.


  • Two years or more working for a payments based company, i.e. credit card processing, e-Wallet, digital goods, banking or other payments related businesses.

  • Must be creative, opinionated, and ambitious.

  • Must have professional level English, and preferably is fluent in one additional language.

  • Have either experience working at a customer support call center or as a sales representative.

  • Experience working with VIP business clients.

  • University bachelor degree or above is required


  • Competitive pay.

  • Great growth potential.

  • Paymentwall is a high-energy Internet company where you will be a big part of growing and improving the merchant support front.

  • Room to grow and add new skills.



  • Please send us a brief description of why you are interested in applying for the Sales Representative - Credit Card Processing (Brick) position at Paymentwall and why you would be a great fit!

  • Attach an updated 1 or 2 page resume outlining your related professional work experience.





Paymentwall Inc. is a global payment platform for a wide range of digital goods and online services. Paymentwall provides an easy-to-implement checkout for various platforms including Smart TVs, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Paymentwall partnered with over 135+ localized payment options worldwide including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, eWallets, bank transfers and prepaid cards to reach users in more than 200 countries. Paymentwall is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, with local offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Kyiv, Beijing, Manila, Las Vegas, Seoul, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Sao Paulo.

If you have any questions about this position, please contact our Recruiting team at and include: Question -Merchant/Customer Support Representative - Las Vegas in the subject line of your email.


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