EU Employee Privacy Policy

Paymentwall is committed to treating the personal information of its employees in a fair and transparent manner. We have created this privacy policy to help you better understand what data we collect about you, why we collect it, and how we will use and disclose it. This policy applies to the data collected by Paymentwall about its employees and candidates based in the European Union. Different rules and policies may apply to our employees and candidates based in offices outside the EU.

In this privacy policy, “Paymentwall,” “us,” “we,” and “our” refers to PW Inc., a Nevada corporation, and its global affiliates. “You” or “your” refers to employees and candidates of Paymentwall, as applicable. “Personal information” means any information that, alone or when combined with other combination, will allow an individual to be identified.

What information do we collect from our potential and newly hired employees?

  • When you apply: When you apply, you will be prompted to provide us with basic personal information about you, such as your name, address, email address, nationality, phone number, past job history, and level of educational attainment. In addition to all information you enter on the application form, any information you provide us verbally during the hiring process may be written down in note form and saved to your file by the individual conducting the interview or other conversation on Paymentwall’s behalf. If you provide reference information to Paymentwall, we may also contact the references you listed and receive additional information about your past employment history from them.

  • When you’re hired: Upon signing an offer of employment from Paymentwall, you will be asked to provide your banking information, emergency contact name and phone number, your national identity number (for example, social security number), a copy of your national identity documents (such as a passport or driver’s license), your date of birth, and other information as legally required or is within our legitimate business needs to obtain from our employees.

Where we store this data

Because Paymentwall is a global company, we use servers located in the United States and the European Union to store personal information gathered about Paymentwall employees. Additionally, to the extent we transfer your information to a third party, including our affiliates, as described in this policy, these third parties may be located outside our usual business location and your country of residence. In all such cases, data transfers will only be carried out after we ensure that your data will be given the same level of protection as required by EU law.

How we use your personal information

Personal information collected about potential and actual Paymentwall employees will only be used for the reason it was collected – to make employment decisions, facilitate the employment relationship, and for our other legitimate business needs. We may also use it to the extent required by law in order to ensure our compliance with all the regulations to which we’re subject.

Circumstances under which we might disclose your information to third parties.

  • For purposes of running a pre-‐-employment background check, we may disclose it to a third party service we have engaged to perform such background checks on our behalf;

  • To the extent required by law, for instance in cases where illegal conduct is suspected, we receive a valid subpoena or other legal request, or to satisfy requirements under employment law;

  • To our affiliated entities as necessary to provide our services and conduct business;

  • To third party partners and potential partners to the extent disclosure of certain basic details (name, email, job title) is necessary in order to facilitate business relationships.

What are your rights regarding data we have collected?

  • You have the right to request all a copy of the personal information we have collected about you;

  • You have the right to request a correction of any of your personal information;

  • You have the right to request that we delete all personal information about you.

The foregoing rights only apply to the extent we are permitted to perform the relevant actions under all applicable laws. What this means is that anti-‐-money laundering or employment laws, among others, may require us to decline certain requests you make regarding your personal information.

Resolving Data Privacy Concerns

Paymentwall maintains a comprehensive data privacy program to ensure the adequate protection of all personal information in its possession, including that of its employees. All complaints will be resolved in accordance with our complaint procedures and internal data privacy rules. If you are not satisfied with the way we resolve your inquiries, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority for data protection located in your country of residence.

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