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Accept credit and debit cards

Improve your credit card acceptance rate with local payment processing and dedicated MIDs in selected markets.

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Local Credit Cards Acquiring

Our expertise in local markets will help you improve card acceptance rates in your market, and the markets you're growing into.

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Waterfall Algorithm

If a transaction is not accepted by one of our global acquiring banks, we will dynamically route it to another until the transaction is successful, ultimately increasing your credit card acceptance rate.

Recurring Billing

Whether you need tiered subscription deals, flexible recurring billing options, or free trials, Paymentwall can help you customize each subscription plan to fit your business needs and maximize payment acceptance.

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In-house Anti-Fraud Solutions
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Data tokenization
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Meet PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance

Passport Risk

Paymentwall has created the most advanced anti-fraud and risk prevention solution. By using advanced metrics, reports and algorithms, Paymentwall will be able to help prevent chargebacks before they occure.

Run this code in your terminal
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$cardInfo = array( 'email' => $_POST['email'], 'amount' => 9.99, 'currency' => 'USD', 'token' => $_POST['brick_token'], 'fingerprint' => $_POST['brick_fingerprint'], 'description' => 'Order #123' ); $chargeModel = new Paymentwall_Charge(); $charge = $chargeModel->create($cardInfo);

>10 lines of code to apply
 10 minutes to integrate

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Flexible Integration

Create your own credit card form or use Checkout API and a Merchant Account to combine card payments with other payment methods to further expand your global coverage.

Various UI options and platforms supported

Skinnable checkout widgets are optimized for desktop, mobile devices and even Smart TV >

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