Paymentwall Team

Honor Gunday

CEO and Founder

Honor Gunday

Before launching Paymentwall, Honor was the CEO of OutCubator, a virtual incubator where he invested in and co-founded innovative startups in Silicon Valley such as (pioneer in incentivized video advertising), MiNeeds (services marketplace), (office space search engine) as well as (the #2 Turkish social network). While working on Zurna, he and his team pioneered virtual currency payments by integrating with various mobile and off-line payment methods to monetize the userbase in Turkey and abroad. Honor started his professional career as a Program Manager at where he launched the world’s largest cruise agency by unifying 12 cruiseline bookings on a single platform.

Honor graduated with a B.S in Technology Management (an individually designed degree combining HCI/Usability, Finance/Econ, and Sociology of Technology) from Stanford University.

Languages spoken: English Turkish French Spanish some Russian some Portuguese some Italian


Vladimir Kovalyov

Technology Advisor

Vladimir Kovalyov

Vladimir has been an advisor to Paymentwall since its inception along with several other advertising and transactional startups in Europe and Silicon Valley. Earlier in his career, Vladimir was the Director of Engineering of OutCubator, a virtual incubator that launched innovative Silicon Valley startups such as (incentivized video advertising platform), MiNeeds (services marketplace), (office space search engine) as well as (the #2 Turkish social network). Prior to that he worked at Incom building ERP solutions.

Vladimir graduated with a M.S. in Computer Science at NTUU – Kiev Politechnic Institute, the top engineering school in Ukraine.

Languages spoken: English Russian Ukrainian German

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