Paymentwall supports a range of options for you to successfully implement a payment plan to suit the subscription-based model of your service. Whether it be tiered subscription deals, recurring billing options or something else, Paymentwall can help you customize each payment plan to fit your needs.

Recurring billing

Recurring billing allows merchants to increase revenue and improve customer retention rates by setting up custom subscription plans that will automatically charge the customer each billing cycle. Merchants can use our customizable admin tool to determine price points and duration for site subscription plans.

  • Paymentwall’s Smart Payments Algorithm™ analyzes and optimizes payment options, pricing and subscription plans for each user based on location, application, and user’s payment history

  • Uniquely identify each payment plan (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold)

  • Set subscription periods (i.e. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, life time …)

  • Subscription reminders - we will notify your users to renew their subscription via email when it is close to expiring

  • Trial subscriptions - users can sign up for a trial subscription that will automatically be renewed as a full membership

  • Highlight discounts and promotions to drive conversions on higher price points by offering special reduced prices (i.e. Save 50%) or numerical discounts (i.e. $30 now $15)

  • Customizable UI with available “Best Value” and “Most Popular” tags on select price points

  • Localization and translation for each subscription plan in each region

  • Use Paymentwall offers to allow users to subsidize paying for a subscription or monetize your free trials with offer based advertising
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